For Business Owners/Executives

As an Owner or Executive, you need to drive efficiencies and increase productivity.

You have to be able to measure the results of employee development initiatives and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the people they empower to drive the business forward.

You are constantly looking for the most cost effective method to attain results. A dollar saved is available for redistribution.

Your managers, supervisors and staff need tools that enable them to create improvement.

You are results orientated and need to understand how well the culture of the organization is being implemented.

You need a simple cost effective tool to help you do all this.

QuizzPoint provides a budget friendly cloud-based solution (no software installation, no need to engage IT)


√ Deliver your message live or via web video to inform or inspire... and then get feedback.


√ Give your managers the power to effectively meet, measure and verify compliance standards of your staff (Corporate Policies and

    Processes, Health, Safety, Behaviour Standards, etc.)


√ Provide employee matrix analytics and feedback that is fundamental to decision making.


√ Because QuizzPoint functions in the Cloud, it frees your IT professionals for development and support projects that drive your

    business forward.


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