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As a Human Resources professional, you need to inform by making materials accessible to employees at all levels so they can be knowledgeable about policies, procedures and the best practices and standards of the company.

But informing is only one part of the equation. How do you know that the information has been accessed and understood?

Also you need to understand the skills and experience a potential new individual will bring to their organization.

And how people are fitting with corporate culture? Where are there issues that need to be resolved?

Management requires documentation for verification of practices.

You need a tool to help you do all this.

QuizzPoint provides a budget friendly cloud-based solution (no software installation, no need to engage IT)


√ Deliver policies and procedures information in a secure environment and quiz employees on comprehension.

    Get reports showing key data at a glance so you can gage comprehension, compliance, strengths, weakness, knowledge gaps...

    ... from one screen.


√ Pre-screen employment candidates for skills, abilities and experience, saving valuable time and expense.


√ Survey employees to identify issues that might not be apparent and solve them before they reach higher levels.


√ Easily send email communcations to targeted teams, groups, that you create with a few mouse clicks.


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