For Educators/Trainers

As an Educator, you need to understand what your students are absorbing and what are the most effective methods.

You need to identify knowledge gaps so you can adapt teaching strategies to connect with specific individuals or groups successfully.

And you want the flexibility to link to your own content or link to content anywhere on the internet without burdening IT, because it can represent huge savings in time and costs.

Students need the ability to get constant performance feedback to verify their understanding, build confidence and see where they need help.

That way they can take an active roll in their development.  They need training materials that are accessible (desktop, laptop, mobile device)

You need a simple cost effective tool to help you do all this.

QuizzPoint provides a budget friendly cloud-based solution (no software installation, no need to engage IT)


√ Administrate, manage and communicate with students effectively saving valuable time.


√ Quickly setup and deliver ongoing quizzes to test course comprehension. Quizzpoint does the all marking and reporting so its

    efficient for educators and students who can access it online from anywhere, anytime.


√ Real-Time Reporting keeps educators and students fully aware and informed of progress. Teach a class and get immediate

    feedback on where the comprehension was strong and weak... all from one screen.


√ Students can self-register and self-enrol in classes to save valuable admin time.


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