For Department Managers

As a Department Manager, you need to to understand what your people know and don't know.

You need to know if department resources are being used efficiently and if team members are informed and therefore capable of performing their roles up to expectations.

You need to evaluate skills and abilities in order to implement career development.

To reward better perfromance you need to be able verify it and give feedback to people so they know how they are doing.

And then there's corporate culture. Is it what you think it is? You need to know.

You need a simple tool to let you do this.

QuizzPoint provides a budget friendly cloud-based solution (no software installation, no need to engage IT)


√ Easily distribute content in any format to targeted groups. Keep everyone up to date simply and effectively.


√ Evaluate and verify individual skillsets and knowledge base with easy-to-create quizzes. Quickly get hard data to help you

    determine how to most effectively improve performance.


√ Get valuable feedback to help you understand where challenges exist so you can deal with them quickly and effectively.


√ Easly send communication emails to targeted groups with a few mouseclicks.


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